ImageI’ve heard and read the news about the unfortunate disrespectful lyrical metaphor Lil Wayne chose to record that refers to the murder of Emmett Till (R.I.P.). Being a news producer with Brand Newz an organization that decided when launched to promote positive, informative & encouraging news from and about people / events around the globe. Using the influence of Hip Hop culture as a platform.
When it came to this particular story I chose to allow other news sources to report it. However it had escalated to the point where I really wanted understand what good could possibly come out of such an act getting such attention. Then it dawned on me (Thank you Holy Spirit).

As rough as this way may be there’s no doubt that so many kids / people who had no knowledge of Emmett Till now know. Please believe when when I say… That if you went to the streets before this happened and randomly ask anyone Wayne’s age group, even a little younger or older who Emmett Till was they sadly would not know.

Point n case: Ever watch Jay Leno or any late night comedian do their man on the street skits asking and showing people of all ages and races pictures of game changing people in history who they are. Most they approach don’t have a clue!

I believe when most of the unknowing heard or will hear Wayne’s lyric they’ll respond with “Who’s Emmett Till” thinking he’s some great womanizer Wayne admires only to find out he died, how and why. Now hopefully a history lesson begins they’ll never forget.

So whether we like it or not (and I admit I don’t) Lil Wayne has educated thousands in a very unorthodox way.