ImageDecember 24, 2012

This morning during my daily walk, talk & meditation with God I felt move to ask him “How was your birthday celebration this year”? (I speak to him in the pass tense in regard to days because he’s already been here and is up ahead). The Spirit answered by bringing to mind Eddie Murphy‘s “One Night Only” celebration. Eddie said something in his closing remarks and thank you’s that was very profound to me and for some reason I couldn’t forget it and now I think why was for this divine response from the Lord.

Eddie said “This whole night made me feel like you do when a bunch of people are singing Happy Birthday to you and it’s so long that you start feeling a little embarrassed and uncomfortable. That’s how I felt for over 2 hours.”

At first I personally thought that was a little rough, but nevertheless it was deep. Because what can make it uncomfortable especially in this business is knowing that not everyone singing the song is as sincere or loving as they appear. Knowing that some of the things said and done in the name of congratulations has an agenda and selfish motives. God was telling me that’s how he feels at times in these Holiday seasons. Using his name and purpose for things and actions that have nothing to do with his birth in Jesus the Christ.

Now I’m like wow… especially knowing that I’ve been one of those for most of my life that have sung Happy Birthday remixed and packaged in Christmas carols and didn’t realize it like I really do now. I thank God that He’s not a God of second chances. He’s a God of MANY chances gift wrapped in Grace & Mercy. Merry Christmas everyone and please remember the reason for the season.

-C. Martin