Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny picOriginally a February 12, 2012 Facebook post

To Golden Fog In regards to your request about my thoughts pertaining to the 2012 Grammy Nicki Minaj performance. I’m going to be very careful and avoid being judgmental because that’s not my assignment. But what I will share is a piece of something I’ve been holding on to and going to show in my biomentary that will one day see the light of day.

A very long time ago I watched a Bugs Bunny cartoon I would never forget. It was a episode where he and Daffy Duck was trying to out do each other on stage and Bugs kept winning. Long story short Daffy decided to swallow dynamite, gun powder, kerosene, fire works and then he finally swallowed and match and “BLEW UP”! The crowd went wild, standing ovation and all. It was evident that Daffy ultimately won. Bugs Bunny even applauded, gave Daffy his props and on behalf of the audience begged for a encore. Daffy with regret had to decline and explained as he ascended with wings on his back that he could only do that trick once!

The entertainment business is about out doing each other and in the process there are causalities too that consist of children that know any better. Now we enter into the another realm, the spiritual one. When I think about what I was almost willing to do for people and a statue when I didn’t know any better, I thank and praise God for his mercy and grace because for the sake, worship and chase for the applause it’s a good chance that they’ll be no wings and ascension. Please be blessed.